Hold on! Bass Mischa Bouvier pumped up the dramatic suspense in his recitative preceding "Trompeta anunciad," then launched into a thrilling tour de force duel with natural trumpet virtuoso Josh Cohen, gloriously encouraged by Valenzuela and the strings. Sending out polished arcs of molten brass—and playing from memory—Cohen stood at the front of stage right while Bouvier declaimed his bold, burnished themes opposite him stage left. If the archangel Gabriel indeed sounds his trumpet on the biblical Day of judgment, it should sound this good.” - Ken Herman

Bach Collegium San Diego Premieres ‘El Mesías’–Handel’s Beloved Oratorio in Spanish

The highlight of the evening was the brilliant trumpet playing of Josh Cohen on the "natural" trumpet, whose exceptionally high compass demanded virtuosity that Cohen displayed without visible effort. At the same time he took care not to overpower the other soloists: Susanna Ogata on the violin, Hammer on the oboe and Owen Watkins on the recorder.”

Arcadia Players, Brandenburg Concerto no. 2

Baritone Paul Max Tipton displayed his fluent command of challenging fioritura, especially in his signature aria "Grosser Herr, o starker König," where his stylish ornamentation was matched by First Trumpet Josh Cohen's glistening lip trills. But when it came to brilliant soaring phrases, no singer was Cohen's match.” - Ken Herman

Bach Collegium San Diego’s Stirring J.S. Bach ‘Christmas Oratorio’